Digital Marketing Pathway

Use Internet and mobile platforms to market products and services.

Associate Web Developer

The Associate Web Site Developer works with the marketing and graphic design teams to build and maintain web sites for both desktop and mobile devices. They focus on web interfaces and user interactions throughout the application life cycle. In addition, this role encompasses testing and troubleshooting web and mobile applications and integrating new features to improve and optimize existing sites for mobile and desktop devices. Online presence is always evolving and constantly changing, creating a high demand for those who work as part of a web application team and improve existing web sites with new content and functionality.

associate-web-developer, digital-marketing

Associate Web Developer Project

Students will design a web site interface and create an interactive web site using responsive design with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

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associate-web-developer, digital-marketing

Building Web User Interfaces and Interactions

Develop an understanding of key concepts for web application interfaces and interactions.

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associate-web-developer, it-security, digital-marketing, network-technician, productivity, project-analyst-role, regression-tester, soc-analyst, software-testing, tech-support, technical-support-specialist

Foundations in Information Technology

The course focuses on the basics of computer hardware, software, mobile computing, networking, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies.

Course Details
associate-web-developer, digital-marketing, digital-marketing-assistant

Web Design and Development Fundamentals

Focus on both key and new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CC and Adobe Photoshop CC within the context of web design and development fundamentals, career paths in web design and development, and web site trends.

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