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“The certifications; they’re going to help me stand out among other people on my resume, along with just the experience I’ve had [with NuPaths].”

Drew Mancuso, 2018 NuPaths Student
Randstad Technologies, Help Desk Tier 1 Support Agent

If you’re considering entering the field of Information Technology (IT), don’t let a lack of computer science degree hold you back. There are many ways to get into IT. Some have a computer science degree, but some have a liberal arts degree and gain hands-on experience and IT credentials with certifications. Others forego a degree completely and earn IT certifications to develop very specific technical skills to launch their IT career.

There is no one-size-fits-all path to a successful career. Whether you’re beginning your career, transitioning to a career in IT or advancing your IT career, NuPaths focuses on supporting your career success with multiple possible outcomes from each NuPaths program.

Certifications & College Credits

Industry Recognized Certifications

You’ll earn industry certifications from organizations like Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Adobe, and others.  Certifications signify to employers that you are qualified to perform a particular job.  And, IT certifications provide résumé-worthy IT skills that can differentiate you from other candidates.

College Credits for
Continuing Your Education

Whether or not you plan to continue your formal education immediately after completing a NuPaths program, you’ll earn college credits that you can apply toward a college degree when you’re ready to do so.

Certificate of Completion

You’ll receive a certificate of completion from Harrisburg University of Science & Technology and NuPaths when you achieve the following:

  • Pass all the courses in your NuPaths program.
  • Fully participate in the business skills workshops.
  • Pass at least 50% of the IT certification exams in your NuPaths program.

Since 2018, NuPaths students have earned…

Over 490 industry recognized IT certifications

Over 1,000 college credits

Career Opportunities

At NuPaths, a student is successful if he/she starts a new job in their field of study or enrolls in post-secondary education upon successful completion of the program. NuPaths will connect you with employers for internships, apprenticeships and full-time job opportunities.  During the program, you’ll learn to pursue job opportunities in the business skills workshops, which include sessions on job search, résumé writing, interviewing and communication.


An internship with a prospective employer is a way for you to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. It can provide valuable experience for your career development, become a milestone on your resume, and lead to full-time employment.

NuPaths will connect you with employers for internship opportunities. You will also have an opportunity to participate in job fairs at Harrisburg University.


The apprenticeship model, promoted at both the national and state level, is an excellent mechanism to connect employers with skilled workers. It is an earn and learn model, where you will earn a paycheck while also learning on the job.

As a registered pre-apprenticeship provider, NuPaths works hand-in-hand with an apprenticeship partner to offer students a registered apprenticeship option.


Tech jobs are everywhere!  IT is at the core of much of today’s business, education and government operations.  And, the location from which you work can often be flexible.  IT really is an amazing field with a growing variety of opportunities.

NuPaths will connect you with employers and staffing agencies for IT job opportunities. You will also have an opportunity to participate in job fairs at Harrisburg University.

Career Foundation

IT skills are the foundation for any successful career today.  Regardless of what direction your career takes, the IT skills you develop in a NuPaths’ program will serve you throughout your career.  Technology has become the language of business and the more you understand and can talk that language, the more successful you’ll be.  Whether you become a company CEO, an Executive Director for a non-profit or an entrepreneur, your technology skills will increase your efficiency and productivity.

“60% of organizations surveyed by DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board indicated it was common for job applicants to lack the technology skills important for success in their career, with half reporting a tech skills deficit in their current employee base. 84% claimed employees who know how to use the right tech tools in their fields are more effective.”

-Business Wire, Inc.

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