56% of HR Managers consider training and development to be an essential business enabler.

–Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning

People are the biggest and most important asset for an organization.  And, just like the attention given to technology and machinery to keep it at top performance, investment in employee development is critical for organizational success.

Yet, staff development is often less strategic than it should be and even becomes a lost effort among the rapid pace of day-to-day business priorities. Then, some organizations resist training initiatives altogether because they fear people will leave the organization after they’ve invested in their skill development.

Either scenario is potentially devastating for a business, especially considering the investments made to recruit, hire and onboard employees.  When, in fact, investing in their people gives a company an edge in recruiting and retaining top talent.

Research indicates 70% of employees say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company.

Contact NuPaths to work with your organization to deliver focused information technology (IT) training for your employees. The pace of technology change is amazing!  And, employees need to keep up with that pace of change.  NuPaths provides education and training solutions that help employees to increase their skills with in-demand technologies.  We can create custom programs to meet the needs of a variety of employee audiences and we can bring role-focused, IT education to your location.

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We Build Technology Skills for Organizational Success

Technical skills like data analysis, graphic design, HTML5, Microsoft Office, project management, Salesforce CRM, security, social media and technical writing can solidify key operations in an organization as part of the digital business transformation.

Whether you want to establish foundational technology skills for new employees, introduce new technology throughout the organization or extend the knowledge of your technology experts, NuPaths offers career development in five (5) information technology (IT) pathways.

  • Tech Support
  • Security
  • Software Testing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Productivity

We Engage Learners with Active Learning

NuPaths’ Active Learning RotationsTM creates a learning experience that goes beyond the traditional whole group instruction that are a standard approach for many educational and training settings.

Research shows that, on average, learners forget 70% of what we teach within 24 hours of the training experience.

–Learning Solutions Magazine

Many traditional models of training put the the learner in a passive role, as a recipient of knowledge. No wonder knowledge and skill retention is normally so low! Instead, NuPaths designs learning so that learners are active participants. Research shows that active learning increases engagement and leads to much better retention of new knowledge.

Instructors in an active learning classroom spend less time behind the podium and more time consulting and leading group activities.

Learners do more than just listen.  They read, write, discuss, solve problems and be engaged in your personalized learning.

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We Create Meaningful Outcomes

Employees that successfully complete a role-based NuPaths’ curriculum will have more than a series of IT courses.  Upon successful completion employees will:

  • Be prepared to apply high-demand technology skills in the workplace
  • Have industry-recognized IT certifications that signify their comprehension of key technology concepts
  • Have a project that highlights comprehension and application of key IT concepts
  • Receive a certificate of completion from Harrisburg University of Science & Technology
  • Receive college credits that can be applied toward future degree completion
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