Tuition options for NuPaths students

NuPaths tuition is comprehensive and reasonable. Tuition includes the cost of education, all learning materials needed for courses, 100% of the fee for the first attempt at a certification exam, and, if required, 50% of the fee for the second attempt at a certification exam.

Program Tuition

Program NameTuition ($)
Associate Website Developer                           6,500
Digital Marketing Assistant                           6,500
Functional Testing Analyst                           6,500
Network Technician                           7,000
Project Analyst                           6,500
IT Security Analyst (SOC Analyst)                           7,000
Technical Support Specialist                           6,000

Tuition payment (minus workforce development funding or scholarships) can be made in full before starting a program or can be paid on a payment plan schedule.

You can make a payment by:

  • Check: Please write a check to “NuPaths, LLC”.
  • Wire Transfer: Please contact us for wire transfer instructions.
  • Credit Cards: Please contact us for more information.



NuPaths is offering five (5) $2,000 scholarships toward the IT Security Analyst program and five (5) $1,500 scholarships toward the Technical Support Specialist program.  The scholarships can be applied to programs that begin August 24, 2020.

To be eligible for a scholarship, candidates must fully complete the NuPaths application (, complete the admissions questionnaires and submit their high school transcripts. Candidates must also score a 32 or higher on the Criterion Basic Skills Test (CBST) in the admissions questionnaires to be eligible for a scholarship.

Scholarships are available for qualified candidates on a first-come, first serve basis.  Scholarship recipients are responsible for paying the remaining tuition, after scholarship, in full by August 17, 2020 to remain eligible for the scholarship award.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Funding

If you live in Pennsylvania you may be eligible for WIOA funding to pay for a large percentage of your NuPaths tuition. You may wish to connect with a state or local workforce development agency to determine your eligibility.

Payment Plan

The NuPaths Payment Plan provides students with the option to budget the payment of their tuition over several months.

Students that are self-funding 50% or more of the full program tuition, are eligible for the following payment plan schedule:

  1. 50% of the total amount due from the student to be paid five business days before the start date of the program.
  2. 25% of the total amount due from the student to be paid five business days before the start date of the second course.
  3. 25% of the total amount due from the student to be paid five business days before the start date of the third course.

Students can elect a payment plan option by completing a payment plan agreement form, which is made available upon request.  There is no additional fee to participate in the NuPaths Payment Plan.

NuPerformance Award

A student who is self-funding 100% of the full NuPaths tuition and scores 35 or higher on the Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST) Admissions exam will be rewarded a five hundred-dollar ($500.00) award after having “successfully completed” a NuPaths program.

  • Successful completion of a program is deemed as being eligible for a Certification of Completion, as described in the program brochure.
  • Payment of the $500 refund will be made within 30 days of the program completion date and confirmation of successful completion of the program.
  • The award is available to students who start a NuPaths program after March 31, 2020.

Drop Out (Refund Policy)

Due to any reason, if a student is unable to attend a program after paying the tuition, he or she is eligible to receive refunds as per the Refund Policy.

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