“Nearly 33% of veteran job seekers are underemployed, a rate 15.6% higher than non-veteran job seekers.”

–Call of Duty Endowment

Veteran job seekers frequently struggle to find meaningful employment after service. Military experience often transfers into occupations like transportation, maintenance, and protective service. However, the 10-year job growth projections for these occupations are predicted to under-perform the overall labor market. Whereas, information technology (IT) occupations are expected to grow 13% over the next 10 years, faster than the average for all other occupations.

Build the skills and knowledge you need for today’s and tomorrow’s career opportunities with a focused IT education.  Follow a path that leads to a high-demand IT job role, based on industry-recognized IT certifications, at a fraction of the time and cost of a college degree.  Also earn college credits for a head start on future degree completion.

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You Will Build Technology Skills for Career Success

Role-focused technical skills and industry certifications, along with your military experience, mean you’ll have the leadership, communication and IT skills employers are looking for.

Regardless of your job, your company or the industry you work in, advancing your technical skills can enhance your career.  Technical skills like data analysis, graphic design, HTML5, Microsoft Office, project management, Salesforce CRM, security, social media and technical writing are in high demand and can establish you as a key contributor for today’s digital business transformation.

Whether you’re building a career in information technology (IT) or enhancing your technical skills for career advancement in another field, NuPaths offers career development in five (5) IT pathways.

  • Tech Support
  • Security
  • Software Testing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Productivity
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You Will be Engaged with Active Learning

“Returning veterans often note that the style of teaching and classroom management used by instructors can make an important difference . . .”

–A Journal of Scholarly Teaching

NuPaths’ Active Learning RotationsTM creates a learning experience that goes beyond the traditional whole group instruction that you are used to in many educational and training settings.

Many traditional models of education put the the learner in a passive role, as a recipient of knowledge. Instead, NuPaths designs learning so that students are active participants. Research shows that active learning increases engagement and leads to much better retention of new knowledge.

Instructors in an active learning classroom spend less time behind the podium and more time consulting and leading group activities.

Students do more than just listen.  You’ll read, write, discuss, solve problems and be engaged in your personalized learning.

And, employers will see the benefits of active learning.  The nature of work today is more collaborative, technical and global.  Organizations need employees who are flexible, collaborative, creative, and technical.

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You Will Achieve Meaningful Outcomes

When you successfully complete a role-based NuPaths’ curriculum you will:

  • Have technology skills to transition into a career in IT or advance in your current career
  • Have industry recognized IT certifications for increased employment and earning power
  • Have a project for your portfolio that highlights your technology skills for career success
  • Receive a certificate of completion from Harrisburg University of Science & Technology
  • Receive college credits that can be applied toward future degree completion