Not all IT jobs require a degree


“Prepare you to perform specific entry-level roles in Information Technology (IT) for well-paying and in-demand jobs”

With technology skills in high-demand, employers no longer require a four-year degree for technology roles that can be filled by candidates who have the specific skills and certifications to perform the job. NuPaths innovative pathways and programs, and unique approach to program delivery, will help you be well prepared to get hired in many of the entry level IT job roles employers have available.


NuPaths programs are designed and developed after extensive discussions with local, regional and national employers across the various industries. Learn more about NuPaths programs.


NuPaths programs provide extensive business skills (soft skills) training, required to work as a member of a team in any professional environment. Learn more about NuPaths business skills training.


NuPaths provides the support needed to connect with employers for internships, apprenticeships and full-time employment.


Each course is taught by an industry expert who works in the subject matter he/she is teaching. The instructor’s experience helps students learn from up-to-date workplace scenarios, technologies used on the job, and the technical and people challenges the instructor faces every day at their work.

The NuPaths Difference

  • Comprehensive and reasonable program cost
  • Opportunity to earn multiple industry recognized certifications
  • College credits to continue your post-secondary education
  • 6-month classroom-based program (not a weeklong training program or a short duration bootcamp)
  • Continuous curriculum enhancements with evolving technology
  • The Active Learning RotationsTM format
  • Programs delivered at the state-of-the-art classrooms at Harrisburg University of Science & Technology.
  • Classes offered in the evenings and weekends for working adults

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